Transformational Catalyst & Life Illuminator


"Someone that I am is waiting For courage. The one that I want, the one I will become will catch me"   ~ Rufus Wainwright ~

The Journey

Coaching is an exciting journey coach and client travel together.

Each person I coach is entirely unique. That means that your individual experience with me is equally unique. In other words, coaching with me is not a cookie cutter experience! Whatever we focus on during our time together - whether it's overcoming old thought patters, exploring the possibilities of a second career, or hitting the reset button to take a fresh look look at your life - there is always the focus on empowering you to feel more confident, fulfilled and able to live your life from your authentic core self.

I have never been much of a conformist. Coaching with me isn't buttoned up or full of rigid expectations or preconceived solutions. Rather it is full of discovery and illuminations. We go beyond linear goals and band aid approaches with the expectation of transformation.

My many years of experience with Speaking Circles(R), Story Circle and as a counselor give my coaching a unique twist. As your story emerges in our work together we can often zero in on things that you have been telling yourself - perhaps for most of your life - that have been holding you back. We use your unique life story as a tool to help you break out of your safe familiar cocoon so that you can spread new wings and soar.

"You've go a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past."  ~  Power of Positivity