Meet Elisa
Transformational Catalyst & Life Iluminator

My passion is to show those of you whose voice has been silenced how to trust and share the profound beauty and truth of who you are.

My journey is why I now have such a passion for sharing the healing and self-discovery that is possible through exploring your life story and un-silencing your voice. 

This is my story:

I was afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to share anything about myself, no matter how insignificant it might be. I didn't feel lovable or very smart. I was afraid of being the center of attention feeling sure I would be ridiculed, judged and rejected. I hid behind the mask of an angry face to defend against anyone approaching me even as I longed to be seen and connect with others.

This continued well into my adult life until two major events occurred which changed my life. The first was the discovery of Speaking Circles® the second was my son's request to write my life story - "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." He felt that it would improve his and my grandchildren's understanding of where they come from and who they are.

In my attempt to overcome my intense shyness, I participated in a variety of speaking classes, enrolled in drama and improv classes and I even tried therapy hoping to find a "cure" - all to no avail.

Then one day a friend introduced me to Speaking Circles founded by Lee Glickstein. It was my first real step to changing my life. I began to overcome my fears of being the center of attention, and soon I found myself doing things I never believed I could do.

My amazing results inspired me to help others overcome their fears. I became a Certified Speaking Circles Facilitator. I now love offering workshops and accepting speaking engagements!

Over the years, many people had urged me to write my story but I always resisted due to my mask that kept me hidden - until my son asked.

My initial reaction to my son's request was panic. What would he think of me after reading it? Would it change our relationship? Would he and my grandchildren gain something from it? How would friends and family react if they read it - would they judge me? Reject me?

Writing my life story would mean revealing things I had never shared with anyone!

When I finally took the plunge, and started writing the floodgates opened. Words poured onto the paper - memories and feelings - some long-forgotten or repressed came flooding back - painful ones and joyful ones.

As I wrote I gained insights - little did I realize that the process would be a catalyst in healing old wounds, overcoming fear and anger and finding forgiveness. I gained a deep understanding of myself. There was a lot of pain and sadness but also much joy.

It was, and still is, an awesome journey. I tentatively started sharing my story with others, which brought more healing and insight and encouraged them to share their stories with me.

"Our stories open up an awareness of the depth and beauty of each of us. Our stories make us who we are." 

                   ~ Unknown



My Formal Bio - for those of you who are curious!

Elisa Negroni has been Certified by Radiant Coach Academy and Speaking Circles® International, has trained in the Peace Circle Process and holds a degree in Social Services. She is also a speaker and writer.

With over 30 years experience in community relations, personal development training, relationship and transformational coaching, Elisa's personal history makes her particularly compassionate and uniquely qualified to help her clients. She guides them to release the old stories that keep them stuck, remove the masks that keep them hidden, empowering them to trust and share the deeper truth of who they are.